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Coreassist: Professional Wellness Coach

Corehealth Technologies

Published May 5th 2006
ISBN : 9780736065436
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To view a short demonstration of CoreAssist, click here!To download a FREE 20-day trial of CoreAssist, click here!click to enlargeFor the ultimate comprehensive fitness resource, look no further than this new software program from Human KineticsMoreTo view a short demonstration of CoreAssist, click here!To download a FREE 20-day trial of CoreAssist, click here!click to enlargeFor the ultimate comprehensive fitness resource, look no further than this new software program from Human Kinetics and Corehealth Technologies. CoreAssist Professional Wellness Coach is a software tool that allows fitness and lifestyle professionals to more successfully manage their clients. By incorporating assessment, fitness, and nutrition components, CoreAssist allows for a holistic approach to achieving goals in a way no other fitness software resource does. Ultimately, you will save time, increase revenue, and improve clients success rates.CoreAssist is the only software package to meet the extensive needs of the wellness industry. Not only does it integrate assessment, fitness, and nutrition, but it also offers ease of use, flexibility, and extensibility. Because it was designed with the fitness and lifestyle professional in mind, it is derived from widely accepted fitness assessment and exercise prescription formulas, data, and methods. You will not be confused with technical scientific data or machine-oriented requirements. All programs can be easily adapted to fit the unique needs of your clientele, and you are free to add your own exercise and nutrition components. To allow for maximum flexibility, CoreAssist can be purchased either as a stand-alone product to be used on a laptop or PC or as a network version for multiple users in a club or clinical setting. click to enlargeUsing professional reports, automatic fitness calculations, system-designed meal plans, and other features, you will greatly benefit from CoreAssist in your work as a fitness and lifestyle professional in a clinic, club, or other wellness-related setting. All the information you need to help clients reach their fitness goals is located in one easy-to-use software package. By combining health and risk assessment with nutrition and fitness recommendations, you will give more complete advice, and clients will achieve better results. Whether you work one on one with clients in your own business or as a trainer in a club or clinical setting, you will save time, increase revenue, and improve clients success rates by using CoreAssist.Because any software program is worth little if it is difficult to navigate, CoreAssist makes it easy to learn how to create and administer programs by logically taking you from assessment to implementation. The breadth of CoreAssist is such that it covers and is fully integrated in three areas of practice: assessment, fitness, and nutrition.Assessment Moduleclick to enlargeThe assessment module allows you to give questionnaires to your client (by e-mail or on paper) in order to assess risks and discuss tangible and realistic goals. Assessments include the industry-standard PAR-Q as well as a fitness questionnaire. After the client answers the easily worded questions evaluating current diet, fitness, and general health, CoreAssist measures and displays risks for heart disease and diabetes as well as osteoporosis based on your clients responses. Using these results, you will know whether a client should be referred to a physician before proceeding with designing a program. For ultimate convenience, a PARmed-X form can be printed out for the client to take to a physician and later used in designing a safe program for the person. This module also provides an assessment summary and advice. You and the client can then use these to verbally perform what-if scenarios to show how making one or two small lifestyle changes can improve his or her results. The assessment results can be printed and used as a benchmark and motivational tool.Fitness Moduleclick to enlargeThe fitness module allows you to design an appropriate program using clients goals and the FITT (frequency, intensity, type, and time) principle. You may use one of the 40 fitness regimens included in the software or modify and select exercises as desired. By choosing from more than 330 activities in the system or by adding your own exercises and pictures from the Internet or digital photos on your computer, you will be able to design the ideal program to fit the needs of a wide range of people. To aid in instruction and retention, most strength and flexibility exercises are illustrated, and the more complicated exercises have descriptive text. Caloric expenditure based on a clients data is automatically calculated and provides professional-quality reports to e-mail or print for the client. As clients move through their programs, the actual activity can be tracked and reported to display progress and results.Nutrition moduleclick to enlargeThe nutrition module is based on the U.S. and Canadian government Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) data, providing sound nutritional advice endorsed by registered dietitians. Based on responses to the assessment questions, the system recommends the caloric intake that your client should be meeting, and it allows you to easily produce menu plans that fulfill these needs. Calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients can all be monitored, and you may select foods based on each persons daily requirements. By using one of the 10 meal programs included, choosing from more than 600 popular food items, or accessing the nutrient values of over 11,000 food items, you can quickly and easily produce a diet that caters to each special lifestyle. To better serve your client, you may print out or e-mail shopping lists, menu plans, and more than 190 recipes.By having the three modules integrated, you can be confident you are providing an optimal and complete health program. As a fitness professional, you are now equipped with a complete set of tools needed for weight-management programs, and you can easily communicate the aspects of the program to your clients. Because the calories in (nutritional module) and calories out (fitness module and BMR) are readily available, you and the client can easily see the anticipated results of the nutrition and fitness programs via easy-to-read graphs. This gives the client specific goals to work toward and saves you valuable time.CoreAssist is helpful for any number of clients- there is no limit to the amount of information it can store. To maximize time-saving features, you can print out or e-mail the assessment before meeting with your client, bypass the assessments for existing clientele, use fitness and nutrition program templates, and select exercises based on name, modality (type), intensity, body area, core activity, or any combination of these. In addition, because all reports may be stored, printed out, or e-mailed to the client, there is little need for extensive record keeping and filing. With reduced office and preparation time and expanded services to offer, you may easily take on more clients and ultimately increase revenue.Minimum System Requirements-CPU with 400 MHz minimum-Windows(R) 2000 or XP (recommended)-Adobe Reader(R)-At least 256 MB RAM-At least 200 MB hard drive space-CD-ROM drive-Monitor that supports at least 256 colors-Monitor resolution at least 800x600, 1024x768 recommended-Mouse or equivalent-Printer (optional)Contact UsIf you have questions or would like more information regarding CoreAssist, including information on customer support, please contact us:HK United States1-800-747-4457 ext. [email protected] [email protected] HK Europe+44 (0) 113 255 [email protected] Australia(08) [email protected]