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Love Magick (Carnal Magick, #2) Willa Okati

Love Magick (Carnal Magick, #2)

Willa Okati

Published 2006
43 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Out on his own -- and that does mean on his own, with no food, no money, and only the clothes on his back -- Jace is seeking a Master of Love Magick to teach him about the higher Arts.Sounds simple. It isnt.Jace knows where a Master lives, but the gatekeepers wont let him through. He gets a lucky break when a newsstand operator offers to let him in the back way, but hes not at all prepared for what he finds when he gets there: A man and a woman, both more handsome and beautiful than any mortals hes ever seen, welcoming him into their bed for the afternoon… if he has the nerve to take them up on the offer. Theyll make his wildest dreams come true… if he has the courage to seize them.And theyll make him a Master of Love Magick… if hes willing to learn the hard and sexy way.