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The Oys of Twelfth Street Kenard Lawrence

The Oys of Twelfth Street

Kenard Lawrence

Published October 22nd 2007
ISBN : 9781424197996
230 pages
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 About the Book 

Eilot Finkelbaum grew up in 1930s Detroit, living in the rich Jewish-Europen atmosphere. Oys of Twelfth Street chronicles his climb from a dark-skinned kid to a popular radio and TV broadcaster, fighting the overt and covert anti-Semitism of the times. He wins award, begin to make money, and forget his Jewish heritage, until he marries a typical Jewish girl. He has two children, but the marriage does not work. He remarries, but not to the high-school sweetheart he had cared for so much. He succumbes to to his mothers objection to non-Jewish women, though later he would go against her will. He seeks this girl, She is now married, but does play a roll in he life later. He does eventually marry a non-Jewish woman and she becomes his lifelong support. His career falters, he has mental difficulties, learns that the voluptuous aunt who played a role in his childhood is the cause of the obsessions that has nearly ruined him. His life is nonetheless a success, one that he is proud to present to his mother at the end of his life.