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The Silent Boy Lois Lowry

The Silent Boy

Lois Lowry

Kindle Edition
193 pages
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 About the Book 

This story takes place in 1910-1911 and the sights and sounds are wonderfully crafted. It is told through the eyes of Katy, a young girl who sometimes accompanies her father, the local doctor, on house calls. You experience what it would be like to ride in a buggy on a cold day. Katy gets glimpses into lifestyles very different from her own and makes a gentle friendship with boy a few years older than she is, Jacob, who is developmentally disabled. The subject is handled very well for the times in which the characters lived. Katy isnt scared of Jacob as many people were then. She is accepting of his differences and enjoys his quiet company.The story doesnt really center around Jacob, although the thread of his story runs throughout, but the entirety is a great slice of life from the early part of the twentieth century.Jacobs story and his fate, is very believable for the era in which he lived. It is heartbreaking.Definitely recommend. Perhaps best for older children and a great place to start discussions.Make sure to read the acknowledgements in the front. It ties in to the photos in the story and knowing this makes the story even better.