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In Love With A Warrior (Gunn Guardsman #4) Kara Griffin

In Love With A Warrior (Gunn Guardsman #4)

Kara Griffin

Kindle Edition
352 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Besotted by the PrincessJames Gunn knew his heart would forever be hers when she bested him in combat. Never had he met a formidable foe such as Emlyn. Mayhap it was the way her body felt above his when she pinned him and he had no choice to submit to her …A love coveted but forbiddenPrincess Emlyn would allow no man to victor over her on the field, especially the arrogant, sexy highlander. It would do well for him to know she wouldn’t fall at his feet and worship him. Aye, he was God-like in his appearance, strong, capable, and a protector: all the things she said she didn’t want in a man.All it took was one kissNeither could deny their attraction. When Emlyn is betrothed to her clan’s enemy to save her people from being besieged, she beseeches James for help. The only way she can escape her ill-fated destiny and have the man of her dreams is to wage war and triumph. Not so easy a feat for a warrior such as her.